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Yale Center for Collaborative Arts and Media

CCAM is an art and technology research center at Yale that fosters interdisciplinary inquiry, discourse, production, and research across an expanding field of artistic, scientific and technological practice. The center is driven by collaborative projects that are developed by faculty and students university wide.

CCAM is a 5000-square-foot interdisciplinary arts research center that bridges diverse arts disciplines and fosters critical inquiry at the intersections of visual art, design, film, music/sound, performance, and computer science. We support collaborations in arts research across disciplines with an open door policy to all Yale students— graduate, professional, and undergraduate students alike.  Our team helps students identify research conduits at the Center, across campus, through inter-collegiate partnerships, and within industries, to bolster more innovative arts practices and partnerships at Yale.

149 York Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Interdisciplinary art and technology research, mixed reality, interactive cinema, experimental sound, immersive installations, motion capture, art and science, data visualization

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Yale Entrepreneurship & Innovation Expo 2019

The Yale Entrepreneurship & Innovation Expo brings together Yale’s many entrepreneurial organizations and clubs under one (literal) tent. More than 30 campus and local organizations are represented, coming together around interests that range from design to consulting to maker projects to social innovation to coding. Discover opportunities, connect with our community, pick up samples and swag, and much more.

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