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Office of Cooperative Research

OCR’s mission is to guide and support Yale researchers in the advancement of their innovations in furtherance of the University’s goal of fostering a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and partnership across the Yale community.

Since its inception in 1982, the goal of the Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) has been to encourage commercial investment in the development of inventions and innovations flowing from the faculty research at Yale for the benefit of society and to generate additional financial resources through cooperative research programs with corporate sponsors and licensing royalty revenues. We accomplish this goal by collaborating with faculty to cultivate Yale’s intellectual property assets with the highest probable benefit to both Yale and society. We seek to support Yale’s research at every stage of the development process from discovery to the marketplace. We guide faculty through the multi-year development process to realize the commercial potential of their innovations. We strive to be trusted experts in our professional disciplines, increasing awareness of the private sector within the university, and identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for collaborations with companies, investors, and other academic institutions. OCR is responsible for defining and executing commercialization strategies through: (1) negotiating technology licenses and corporate-sponsored research agreements, (2) securing strategic corporate partnerships and/or (3) developing and marketing new startup companies to the venture investment community.

433 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Technology transfer and marketization, biotechnology, technology

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Yale Entrepreneurship & Innovation Expo 2019

The Yale Entrepreneurship & Innovation Expo brings together Yale’s many entrepreneurial organizations and clubs under one (literal) tent. More than 30 campus and local organizations are represented, coming together around interests that range from design to consulting to maker projects to social innovation to coding. Discover opportunities, connect with our community, pick up samples and swag, and much more.

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